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Car Rider Transportation for Students


In an effort to keep all children safe, we want to communicate a few reminders about the EES car rider line. 

To ensure the safety and the efficiency of our car rider system we respectfully ask that you do the following: 

Morning Drop Off: Starts with two lanes changing over to one lane only!

  • If your child is enrolled in the Before School Program, the drop-off time is 7:00 am until 8:00 am. Please proceed to the Before School Drop-Off area to let your child out. This is located at the side door near the cafeteria.
  • All other vehicles will remain at the fireplug and street light with the yellow marking located near the playground until 8:00 am. (Be certain NOT to block the curve so that cars can make their way through the middle.) 
  1. At 8:00 am both lanes can then pull up to the stop signs and wait for school staff to let you know when it is safe for your child to exit your vehicle and move from the carline into the school.  Do not let students exit your car until a staff member is on duty to supervise them.
  1. The outside lane (Left) will be told to move first by a staff member. No other vehicles will be allowed to move into the outside lane (Left} at this time. The cutoff point for the outside lane (Left) will be the street light with the yellow marking near the playground and fireplug. This will make the carline faster and safer for the students and our staff members. 
  1. Once the outside lane (Left) has exited the stop sign. The inside lane (Right) will then be told to move by a staff member. Once this group of cars has exited the stop sign, other cars in the inside lane (Right) will move up and then unload and wait to be told by a staff member to move. This process will continue until completed. 
  1. Remember First Bell rings at 8:10 am and a Warning Bell at 8:35 am and Last Bell at 8:40 am. 


School Dismissal: 2 lanes until completed!


  1. The dismissal bell rings at 3:45, (early release days are 12:15). To ensure a smooth dismissal, please refrain from picking students up after 3:25 pm. At this time, the front office is preparing for dismissal. The front office will resume normal operations at 4:00 pm.
  1. Please be sure that you have the 2022-2023 car rider tag displayed on the front windshield of your car. If you need an extra copy, please order one by visiting our website before 12:00 pm 3 days prior to needing the tag. Extra tags will be sent home with your student. 
  1. Students will have a tag on their book bag that will match the tag in your vehicle in order for the student to go home with you. If you don’t have a Car Tag in the vehicle you will be asked to park and enter the building at 3:50. Your child will be sent to the office to meet you after the office staff verifies your I.D. Your name must on the student’s locator card. If it is not then we can’t release students without prior written consent from the parents/guardians. We do realize that this may be inconvenient, but please understand our main goal is to make sure that every child is safe. 
  1. After the students have been loaded into the vehicle by a staff member or a safety patrol member, please take your car rider tag down so that we know you are loaded and ready to leave. The first ten (10) vehicles, in the inside lane (Right), will be signaled to move by a staff member. The next ten (10) vehicles will then move up to be loaded and wait to for the signal.  The first ten (10) vehicles in the outside lane (Left) will follow the same process. This process will alternate and continue until all students have been loaded. 


Children who are repeatedly picked up late after 4:10 will be placed in the Knight Time after school program and all fees will apply.


To watch a video of how the afternoon carline works, click Video on the menu on this page.